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Who we are

We are a new breed of technology startup whose purpose is to create innovative data-driven solutions, independent from platforms and powered by state-of-the-art technologies, including blockchain and AI.

We are building a group of "family" companies - from seed to mature investments, destined to welcome new members - that share a common and synergetic focus on data in the context of consumer knowledge, business solutions, personal data and e-commerce. These ventures will be mutually beneficial to consumers and brands thanks to the utter respect for data privacy and for consumers' interests.

Our approach is hands-on in order to fulfill Ycor's mission: demonstrate the superiority of data-driven models, to help brands and businesses grow faster. 

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Our vision

We want to be instrumental with regards to the datamorphosis companies are bracing for, by reversing the existing relationship - from consumers to brands going forward - while offering first-rate consumer knowledge capabilities and expertise.  

We believe consumers and brands need an independent and trusted partner to develop solutions that can benefit both.

Ycor focuses on real-time and actionable solutions at scale, both from a consumer and a brand perspective, with privacy requirements and data control ranking high.

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Our ambition

We want to serve and empower consumers with their data. In order to carry out this ambition and our vision, we leverage the latest technologies - starting with artificial intelligence and blockchain - in the service of consumers. 


Be it in terms of choice, ensuring that homo sapiens/deus remains in control when it comes to data and algorithmic recommendations. As the fourth industrial revolution is upon us, we believe this is increasingly important, as it leads to an unprecedented pace of change (Internet, smartphones, cloud-computing, AI, blockchain, quantum computing, etc.).


Be it in terms of economics, as we believe technology can underpin a "fair" use of data, one that would be mutually beneficial for consumers and brands.

We want to build the global home of independent "family" companies with the best, the brightest and the boldest talent who share our values and our vision.

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