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Consumer knowledge powered by semantic AI

We are convinced that our world is consumer-centric.

Semantic artificial intelligence is a powerful approach as it allows to concomitantly understand individual interest and content affinities. It is both behavioral and contextual – a key asset in this new world.


The corner stone of this? Words.


Words as the overarching bridge between people and content, as all formats (speech, image, video) can be tagged using words. Words as a way to define the relevant playground (corpus), to generate insights and actionable audience, based on meaning proximity and co-frequency. Last but not least, words as affinity standards against which individual interests and content appeal (URL semantic profile) can be scored.


Our consumer knowledge offering is cashing in on a long-term investment in semantic AI and we are about to expand into new signals and content formats that are GDPR-compliant.

Personal data protection and monetization powered by blockchain

We are convinced that consumers should be given back control of their personal data in a safe environment.

GDPR in Europe - and in Japan soon - and new Data Privacy Law in California are first steps, yet genuine control goes beyond data access, data knowledge and data repatriation. Consumers should be able to choose which data could be used, by whom and for what purpose. Since control implies value, they should also be able to benefit from data they produce, beyond the “free” services currently available, in the form of an explicit reward that is commensurate with the granularity of data they grant access to.


Using blockchain technology, we are developing a win-win solution for consumers and marketers that would allow consumers to share their preferences. Feedback used to be the ex-post "Holy Grail" of marketing, we believe that future is ex-ante and skewed towards consumers willingness about what to share. 


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Personalized e-commerce for engaged communities

We are convinced that personalized commerce can set new standards for engaged communities, starting with sports communities. 


Shared passion and emotional connections are powerful drivers across sports communities. E-commerce experience should mirror this shared human experience, be it terms of belonging (product customization) or club economics (websites, advertising, e-shop, etc.). 

We are open to new inspiring ideas to accelerate the achievement of our vision

We are interested in disruptive projects where technology (AI, blockchain), signals (data, geolocation, etc.) and format (video, image, text, etc.) intersect

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L-1160 Luxembourg

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